M2O Calf Compression Sleeve - Black
M2O Calf Compression Sleeve - Black M2O Calf Compression Sleeve - Black

M2O’s scientifically designed graduated compression calf sleeve has been created to optimise performance, recovery, and comfort.

Each time you launch yourself into action on the field, the road or the track, your Achilles, calves and the front of your lower legs are forced to absorb the shock of landing. M2O’s ACTIVE RELEASE Anti-Inflammatory band reduces the impact on these areas by providing posterior and anterior support.

Prevent calf cramps and shin splints with these scientifically designed calf sleeves. The superior technology works by delivering maximum oxygen to your lower legs, improving power, performance, recovery, and comfort.

As an added feature, two reflective strips act to keep you safer when you’re training in the early morning or after dark.

Additional Information: M2O Material Difference, CompressionSize Guide and Care Instructions.

M2O’s compression system has ergonomically designed (AIB) Anti-Inflammatory bands to help support the lower leg during exercise. Giving you the benefits of full (ROM) Range of motion while maintaining maximum comfort.